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UCI Students on campus

We help the best international students prepare for study in the United States.

International students should feel well-prepared.

Learn essential skills for college and get help with your UCI application.

UCI’s International Undergraduate Preparation Program (IUPP) helps international students intending to apply to UCI. Our comprehensive 9–12-month program, offered through UCI Extension, provides qualified international high school graduates with essential academic and language skills to improve their chances of being admitted as advanced international freshmen at UCI.

The program features:

  • Up to 24 units of UCI undergraduate coursework that count towards an undergraduate degree at UCI
  • Extensive one-on-one advising from a dedicated academic advisor
  • Academic English support
  • A 20-hour American & Academic Culture course and weekly follow-up seminars
  • A 30-hour TOEFL iBT course and a 30-hour SAT test preparation course
  • UCI application assistance
  • Tutoring in English and/or university study skills
  • A Conversation Partner, a current UCI student, who will meet with the IUPP student once a week
  • An introduction to the UCI campus, its resources, and academics

Special tracks now available in Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Business Economics. Find out more about our preparation programs to become a successful undergraduate or graduate student at UCI!

Meet the minimum requirements for this international prep program.

  • Completion of the equivalent of four years of U.S. high school (with diploma) with a final GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0 (equivalent to 90%) in “A-G” courses; for Community College (Transfer) Track, GPA requirement is 3.0 out of 4.0 (equivalent to 80%)
  • No enrollment in courses at a university or college during the academic year following high school graduation; proof of activity during significant gaps between high school and application to IUPP
  • English language proficiency for General Track:
    • For 9 months of study, at least 75 iBT TOEFL, 537 PBT TOEFL, or 6.0 IELTS; SAT scores may be substituted for TOEFL/IELTS — Critical Reading: 450 minimum, Math: 600 minimum, Writing: 540 minimum
    • For 12 months of study, 71 iBT TOEFL, 530 PBT TOEFL, or 6.0 IELTS
  • English language proficiency for Specialized Track (all IUPP Specialized Tracks are 12 months long):
    • For Winter, Spring, and Summer, at least 71 iBT TOEFL, 530 PBT TOEFL, or 6.0 IELTS
    • For Fall, at least 75 iBT TOEFL, 537 PBT TOEFL, or 6.0 IELTS
    • SAT scores may be substituted for TOEFL/IELTS — Critical Reading: 450 minimum, Math: 600 minimum, Writing: 540 minimum
  • English language proficiency for Fundamentals Track:
    • At least 65 iBT TOEFL, 513 PBT TOEFL, or 5.5 IELTS
  • English language proficiency for Community College (Transfer) Track:
    • English language proficiency: At least 48 iBT TOEFL, 460 PBT TOEFL, or 4.5 IELTS
  • IUPP students not meeting the English requirements for academic study must enroll in International Programs’ 10-Week Intensive ESL Program until they meet the requirements
  • Proof of sufficient financial support:
    • $64,200 USD (9 and 12 months) for General Track
    • $76,000 USD (12 months) for Specialized Track
    • $23,500 USD (6 months) for Fundamentals Track
    • $23,700 USD (6 months) for Community College (Transfer) Track
  • Consent of the admissions committee

Applicants with an active application to UC are not eligible for enrollment in IUPP.

Increase your likelihood of being admitted to UCI.

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