Meet Brianna, an Environmental Engineering alumna

Find out what the college experience here is really like.

  • Pursuing your passions at UCI

    "As an engineer, I think sustainability is very important. So I joined a research program through UCI and traveled to Costa Rica to study sustainable development and practices."

  • What to expect with the workload

    "Coming to a research university, I expected it to be a bit more difficult and rigorous than my high school academics, but it was a bit more of a workload. But it was overall manageable since I put that energy towards a career and towards my major."

  • Being a first-generation college student

    "My biggest challenge at UCI was definitely overcoming the fear of being a first-generation college student. I had no idea what college was going to be like, I had no one to ask what college would be like, and I think just overcoming the fear that I could come to a research university and actually succeed was kind of a big accomplishment for me."