Meet Homer, a Materials Science and Engineering alumnus

Find out what the college experience here is really like.

  • Adjusting to college

    "In high school, I could get away with a lot of things like not studying. But that didn’t go so well when I came to college. It was a big learning curve for me."

  • Biggest concern coming to UCI

    "So there are like 30,000 students at UCI, and my high school was probably 800 people. So a big concern was, how am I going to fit in? The good thing is that there are 30,000 students at UCI. You do meet a lot of people at orientation, and then once you start, you have all of the thousands of people on campus that you can meet."

  • Life in Irvine

    "There’s so many things to do, just in the city, that I wasn’t used to. I came from a smaller city, smaller town, and I wanted to live somewhere where there are things to do. We had Aldrich Park After Dark, going to the beach and kayaking at night under the full moon, Disneyland."