Meet Jason, a Mechanical Engineering alumnus

Find out what the college experience here is really like.

  • SoCal

    "When I applied, I didn’t even know where Irvine was. But when I came down to visit, I realized UCI was the place for me. I knew right away it was an environment I would thrive in."

  • Campus involvement

    "My experience at UCI was really great, and it was quite funny because coming to UCI, I did not expect to have this much fun. So the clubs I was a part of were Campus Representatives, so I gave tours around campus. I was the publicity chair, the NSBE chapter, and NSBE stands for the National Society For Black Engineers. And I was a co-founder of an organization called Black Gentleman’s Club where we seek to unite all the Black men on campus.

  • What it means to be involved in Student Life

    "Being deeply involved in Student Life, you learn a lot about yourself that you never learned before. There’s a lot of people from many different cultures, people who view things in very different ways, so learning from their perspective, how they view me—it helped me grow as a person."