Meet Lus, a Political Science alumna

Find out what the college experience here is really like.

  • Pursuing your passions at UCI

    “I went to academic support in the School of Social Sciences with my academic counselors, so that ones that were assigned specifically to my academic unit, so if I ever had questions about classes I needed to take in the future, I went to them. When I was thinking about double majoring within the school, I also went to them to get my questions answered. The support was definitely positive because there have been classes where I didn’t know if I needed them for a grade or a pass/no-pass, so I would just walk in and ask them like, ‘Oh, is there a prerequisite that I need to take for this class?’ And they would either tell me yes or no on the spot, so I didn’t have to wait. Or, they would just guide me and recommend me toward classes I should take to fulfill the requirements for my major. So it was definitely very helpful for my learning experience."

  • Advice to prospective students

    "Go to all the college campuses that you’ve ever applied to and just see if the vibe is for you if you feel it’s somewhere you can grow as a person. That’s what I felt when I came to UCI. At first, I was scared, but I felt that the environment was fitting for me. So definitely check out the environment of the school and if you think that you’ll enjoy being there for four years because that is where you’re going to be for most of your time."

  • Getting involved on campus

    "At first I was scared about not finding people who were similar to me and that I wouldn’t fit in. But everyone was so open and welcoming that it was easy to meet and make friends."