Meet Timmy, a Biology and Education alumnus

Find out what the college experience here is really like.

  • A place to learn and explore

    “As an incoming biology student, I knew that the bio programs at UCI were awesome. I had so much ambition and I wanted to try out lots of different things in the biology realm: labs, research, and study abroad programs.”

  • Why UCI?

    “UCI has a healthy balance between competitiveness and collaboration. When I first visited the campus, I felt really welcomed and I could envision myself on this campus for the next four years. When I was in high school, I was encouraged to get involved and join clubs and when I heard the same piece of advice from my tour guide and summer orientation leader, I knew that this was the place to be.”

  • Finding academic opportunities

    "I learned that I really loved working with students and I declared my major as Biology/Education at the end of my second year. I love teaching high school biology because it’s a subject that I find really interesting and there is so much impact and influence that’s possible."

  • Getting involved on campus

    “Not one space could perfectly fit me, so I ended up seeking out multiple spaces to be a part of! As a part of the League, I got to write sketch comedy, song parodies, and film/edit videos! Even though I was a STEM major, I found opportunities to exercise other parts of my brain and be creative.”

  • Career Preparation

    “Not only did the courses and programs at UCI prepare me for my career, being involved in different organizations helped me grow professionally. I grew in my ability to work collaboratively on a team, how to be administrative, how to navigate conflict, and how to mentor and build up leaders.”