Anteater Experiences

What if you could find out what UCI is actually like? We asked alumni to help us give you a real view of what it's like here. These are the experiences of UCI alumni that you’ll want to check out. Get the low-down on campus life, papers and exams, and personal challenges and successes.

  • Homer

    "In high school, I could get away with a lot of things like not studying. But that didn’t go so well when I came to college. It was a big learning curve for me."

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  • Jason

    "When I applied, I didn’t even know where Irvine was. But when I came down to visit, I realized UCI was the place for me. I knew right away it was an environment I would thrive in."

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  • Lus

    “I went to academic support in the School of Social Sciences with my academic counselors, so that ones that were assigned specifically to my academic unit, so if I ever had questions about classes I needed to take in the future, I went to them."

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  • Timmy

    "As an incoming biology student, I knew that the bio programs at UCI were awesome. I had so much ambition and I wanted to try out lots of different things in the biology realm: labs, research, and study abroad programs."

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  • Brianna

    "As an engineer, I think sustainability is very important. So I joined a research program through UCI and traveled to Costa Rica to study sustainable development and practices."

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