International Academic Records

Additional Documents to Submit for Schools Outside of the United States

All official documents are required for our admissions verification process and every effort should be made to submit them as listed below.

UCI's Office of Undergraduate Admissions primarily accepts documents in an online format. However, if your only option is to send the document through the mail, please review our Submitting Official Documents page for additional ways you can submit your official documents.

Combined U.S. and International Academic Records (Attended Schools Outside of U.S. and in U.S.)

In the United States, an academic record is called a "transcript." In your country it may be called something else, such as statement of marks, statement of results, relève du notes, record of learning, or record of achievement. 

  • All official transcripts (beginning from grade 9) must be issued and sent directly from the originating school even if your current school transcript includes your previous school’s record. 
  • English translations are required for all international academic records that are not originally issued in English. We will accept English-language translations provided by international schools or those performed by certified translators with knowledge of educational records and terminology. The translation must be submitted directly from the translation provider along with the original transcript in order for us to accept it as official. 
  • Both original and translated transcripts must include all grades earned, even if you repeated the course when studying in the United States. 
  • Official transcripts from your school(s) outside the U.S. must be sent directly to UC Irvine. 

Final High School Transcript: 

Official secondary school records (transcripts) must be sent from your school or appropriate authority to verify your courses along with your graduation date.  

If your secondary school transcript does not contain a graduation date, please submit a copy of your graduation certificate or diploma certified by your school with the transcript. 

International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Full transcripts indicating internal marks from your secondary school (grades 9–12) must be submitted on or before the July 1 deadline. 
  • You must contact IBO directly by visiting or by phone at 301-202-3025 to request that IB results are sent electronically to UCI. The IB results must be received by our office no later than July 15. For more information, please visit the Submitting Official Documents page.  

International/General Certificate of Secondary Education (I/GCSE, formerly called O-Levels)

Your school may submit your I/GCSE final Certificate or Certifying Statement and all internal marks by July 1 through UCI’s approved electronic vendors or by mail.

GCE Advanced Levels (A-Levels)

Official Advanced Level exam results must be sent directly from the examining authority (Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), Pearson Edexcel, OCR, AQA, etc.) in the form of the "Certifying Statement". University credits for A- Level exams will be awarded upon receipt of the official Certifying Statement.

Your Advanced Level exam results that are released in August from the June exam series are provisional and must be sent directly from the examining authority in the form of Statement of Results.

Your final results that are available in October must be sent directly from the examining authority in the form of the Certifying Statement.

UCI requires both your Statement of Results in August as well as your Certifying Statement in October. You must pass at least 3 Advanced level exams with a B grade or better to finalize your UC Irvine admission.

Ensure final exam results are submitted by following the instructions below:

Required Documents by Country